Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Business Website Blog

Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Business Website

1. Not Having a Business Plan
   Before getting the website developed first get you the  plan ready, 
   What is the kind of services or products that you are offering to your customers?
   Define the targeted audience and geographic region.
   The solution to your customer problem.
   Your direct and indirect competitors
2. Improper Website Navigation
   The internal and external links that are connected to the website should navigate properly to the respected page  
3. Page Length
   The page length should be short and readable and should not be too long that will make the customer irritate and will
   increase the bounce rate and will also lose the customer
4. Lack of Call To Action (CTA) 
   Call to action is also necessary because is the customer is ready to take the service can easily contact through a call to action
5. Not Having a Responsive Web Design
   Having a static website cannot be updated in the changing world of technology, so having a responsive website will help you to update the website when necessary
6. Designing Your Website On Your Own
   Building the website by own or thorough the Website Builder Sites will not make the website professional 
   About Website Builder Sites
   Website Builder sites are nothing but a programming tool, that helps you build a 
   There are two main types of website builders :
   1) Online
   Online website builders are a web-based process and it runs on the provider's service.\
   2) Offline
   Unlike offline website builders, you don’t need to install anything on the software on your computer - 
   The web browser is Enough unlike Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer and your Internet connection is necessary.
   Its easy to use no coding language is required. No coding experience is required.
   The online website builder is for- beginners or experienced designers, to create an entire website without any issues using a drag-and-drop system. Its just drag the element which you want and drop it 
   at the desired location
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